“a room where every aspect of space and light, material and sound, is put to use and acts as a sensitizing agent”.[1]

Questions the autonomy of the art object

The spectator is an element within the frame which leads to them considering their own subjective positioning. The spectator must have space to engage in his or her own fantasy

The viewer becomes a spectator, watching an activity or event rather than viewing an object, more a part of the event.

Fragmentation of the visual field – imposes other characters in the line of view

[1] Guy Brett, ‘Itinerary’ in Mona Hatoum by Michael Archer et al., London: Phaidon, 1997, p. 59.

I have increasingly used Installation as part of my practical methodology, three long term installations have been built this year, two at tactileBOSCH and one in the Brook street basement. I also created the site specific installation for business relations at Morgan’s Arcade and one for the In The Loop band performance.

Installation has worked in two ways, one as a performative space for example for the 139 band performance and the Cabinet particular photo shoots. However I now realize that the installation space  does not necessary need a performance and can suggest characters through objects and absence such as occurred in the Business Relations installation.

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