Antony Gormley

One & Other:

One & Other was artist Antony Gormley’s (b. UK 1960-) commission for the Fourth Plinth in Trafalgar Square where over 100 days, from 6 July – 14 October 2009, 2,400 people from around the UK took their turn occupying the plinth continuously for an hour each. The ‘plinthers’ helped create a unique living monument, collectively termed ‘a portrait of Britain’.

So, who was on the plinth?
1,210 men and 1,190 women
Youngest plinther was 16 years old, oldest 84
95 pensioners and 131 teenagers
127 teachers and 332 students
1 person had to be rescued
3 people jumped off
11 proposals of marriage, one declined
13 people bared all on the plinth, one was told to put his pants back on…

Information from Sky Arts:


Field is a series of installations made in collaboration with communities from across the globe. This Field is the American version, made in 1990 with the Texca family of brick-makers in San Matias, Cholula, Mexico. Thirty-five thousand figures were made by about sixty men, women and children aged from six to over sixty, mostly members of the extended family.

Participants were asked to follow only a few instructions: the pieces were to be hand-sized and easy to hold, eyes were to be deep and closed and the head was to be in proportion with the body. Figures range in size from 8-26 centimetres tall, and were dried in the sun and then baked in a brick kiln. The twenty-five tonnes of clay used in making the figures came from the valley floor a few miles to the southwest of San Matias.

Source: Tate

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