I have previously made a work concerning surveillance in 2010 in which I enacted two characters and set up a photographic narrative as though one was following the other around Cardiff. The characters were teenage ‘scene kids’ with the girl spotting the boy in the museum and following him into town for a coffee. The surveillance was set up using fake time and date annotations on the photographic series to suggest the surveillance was happening over the course of two hours when in fact the characters were enacted on two separate days.

I currently have two notions for works surrounding the idea of surveillance. The first follows on from Business Relations and similarly to Hasan M. Elahi, aims to document where I go and what I do for the purpose of answering my partner’s enquiries as to where I have been and what I have done and who I have seen and spoken to.  This will not be a constant documentation, but only documentation of the occasions I go out alone.  This hyper-documentation can be read as a small rebellion against constant intrusion into the minutest details of my independence. The enquirer attempts to control and reduce independent activities by demanding information, the enquired attempts to overload the information given to the point of the ridiculous, whilst securing evidence that the worst case scenarios constantly imagined are not even close to mundane reality.

The second notion will be a source of information gathering for the development of new identities to enact.  I intend to occupy sites in the city from which to observe the unobserved, the marginalized and outsiders who occupy our urban spaces.

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