Braco Dimitrijevic

Braco Dimitrijevic with a large photo of a casual passer-by on Boulevard Saint Germain, Paris 1971.
Courtesy Musee National d’Art Moderne, Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris

Dimitrijevic gained this recognition with his 1970s Casual Passer-by series, in which gigantic photo portraits of anonymous people were displayed prominently on facades and billboards in European and American cities. By making unknown individuals the subject of massive photo-portraits in public places, essentially erecting monuments in honor of anonymous citizens, Dimitrijevic has been a leading instigator of artistic interventions in the semiotics of the public space. Furthering the Casual Passer-by series initiative, in 1979 Dimitrijevic erected a 12 meter tall marble obelisk in a public park in Berlin, dedicated to the birthday of a random passer-by whom he had met on the street. Dimitrijevic’s seminal work in this area lead to the coining of the term Transemorials, used to describe the practice of shifting the meaning of monuments, large public portraitures and memorial plaques.

Source: White Box Gallery NY

Casual Passer-by I met at 11.21 am, Berlin 1976

Whilst studying St Martin’s College of Art in London in 1972, Braco Dimitrijevic photographed an unknown man who happened to be walking past outside the main college building. The artist then enlarged the photograph and displayed it as a series of posters on the local no. 14 buses for a limited period of time.

Casual Passer-by I met at 3.59pm Paris 1982

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