Vito Acconci

Following Piece 1969

‘Following Piece’ documents a performance, in the course of the action, the artist followed different people in the street. The action stopped suddenly, each time the person entered a private space. With this simple gesture, acconci transcends the relativity of the learned rules and behaviors concerning the distinction between private and public. The act of following could last a few minutes, if the person then got into a car, or four or five hours, if the person went to a cinema or restaurant. Acconci carried out this performance everyday for a month and he typed up an account of each ‘pursuit’, sending it each time to a different member of the art community. The concept was of the participation of persons who did not specifically agree to participate. it relied on persons who did not even know that they were being used.

Following Piece 1969
All Text by Vito Acconci.

Oct 3
9:12AM, in front of door, 102 Christopher St, my home: Man in gray suit — he walks W on Christopher, S side of street.
9:17AM: he gets into car parked outside post office, Christopher & Greenwich, and drives away.Oct 4
9:25AM, Christopher St & Bleecker, SW corner: Woman in black coat — she walks E on Christopher, N side of street.
9:28AM: she walks into A&P, Christopher St & 7th Ave.
9:59AM: she leaves A&P and walks W on Christopher.
10:03AM: she enters building, 95 Christopher St.

Oct 5
10:21AM, Christopher St & 7th Ave, SW corner: Man in brown jacket — he crosses 7th and enters IRT subway station, uptown side.
10:31AM: he boards Broadway local, uptown.
10:38AM: he gets off train, 28th St; he walks S on 7th Ave, turns E on 27th St.
10:42AM: he enters building, 105 W 27th St.

Oct 6
10:36AM, 14th St & 6th Ave, NE corner: Man in red jacket — he walks N on 6th, W side of street.
10:38AM: he stops at 15th St, SW corner, and hails cab.
10:44AM: he gets into cab.

Oct 7
7:20PM, 14th St & 6th Ave, NW corner: Man in tan jacket — he walks E on 14th, S side of street.
7:28PM: he enters Italian Kitchen restaurant.
8:07PM: he leaves Italian Kitchen.
8:10PM: he enters Academy of Music movie theater, 126 E. 14th St, where Paranoia and The Oblong Box are playing.
10:05PM: after seeing only parts of both movies, he leaves theater; he walks E on 14th St, N side of street.
10:23PM: he enters building, 534 14th St, between Ave A & B.

Oct 8
12:04PM, 14th St & 2nd Ave, SW corner: Man in black sweater — he walks W on 14th St, S side of street.
12:10PM: just W of Broadway, on 14th St, I lose sight of him.

Oct 9
10:21AM, 23rd St & 6th Ave, NW corner: Woman in gray coat — she walks E on 23rd St.
10:26AM: she enters park, 23rd St & 5th Ave, and sits down on bench.
11:14AM: she walks to BMT subway station, 23rd St & 5th Ave, uptown side.
11:23AM: she boards RR train to Queens.
11:54AM: she gets off train at 30th Ave., and walks W on 30th St.
12:07PM: she enters house, 23-01 30th Ave.

Oct 10
1:28PM, 31st St & 6th Ave, SW corner: Woman in blue dress — she walks N on 6th Ave, E on 35th St.
1:47PM: she enters Franklin & Simon department store, employees’ entrance, between 5th & 6th Ave; she goes to 1st floor, where she works behind jewelry counter.
6PM: she leaves Franklin & Simon, and walks W on 35th St; at subway station, 35th St & 6th Ave, she walks down and goes to uptown side, IND subway.
6:13PM: she boards D train uptown.
6:44PM: she gets off train at Fordham Rd, The Bronx; she walks E on Fordham, S on Tiebout Ave.
6:57PM: she enters apartment building, 2428 Tiebout Ave.

Oct 11
3:44PM, 8th St. & 6th Ave., NE corner: Woman in orange coat — she walks E on 8th St, N side of street.
3:57PM: she enters Fred Braun leather store.
4:18PM: she leaves Fred Braun and continues E.
4:29PM: she enters Experiment One, clothing store.
4:53PM: she leaves Experiment One and walks W.

4:56PM: she enters Eighth St. Bookstore.
5:10PM: she leaves Eighth St. Bookstore and walks E.
5:26PM: she enters Michele, shoe store.
5:59PM: she leaves Michele and continues E.
6:12PM: she goes down into IRT subway station, Astor Place, uptown side.
6:15PM: she boards uptown local.
6:39PM: she gets off train at 77th St, walks E on 77th, turns S on York Ave.
7:12PM: she enters building, 1432 York Ave.

Oct 12
I didn’t follow anyone.

Oct 13
11:10AM, Bleecker & 10th St, SW corner: Man in brown jacket — he walks S on Bleecker, W side of street.
11:17AM: he enters Bleecker St Hardware Store, 316 Bleecker St.
11:26AM: he leaves Bleecker St Hardware Store and walks N on Bleecker, W side of street, then W on 10th, S side of Street.
11:32AM: he enters apartment building, 240 W10th St.

Oct 14
5PM, 6th Ave & 4th St, SW corner: Man with black attache case — he walks S on 6th Ave.
5:01PM: he goes down into IND subway station, 6th Ave & 3rd St, and stands on uptown side, upper platform.
5:08PM: he boards F train uptown.
5:50PM: he gets off at 169th St, Jamaica; he stands on line at bus stop, Hillside Ave & Homelawn St.
5:59PM: he boards 17A bus; line is too long and I’m too far behind him – I can’t get on.

Oct 15
6PM, Bryant Park, 42nd St., library side: Man in dungarees — he walks W on 42nd St, S side of street, then N on 6th Ave, W side of street.
6:14PM: he turns W on 54th St, S side of street.
6:19PM: he enters apartment building, 403 W 54th St.

Oct 16
I didn’t follow anyone.

Oct 17
3:15PM, 2nd Ave & St Mark’s Pl: Woman in yellow pants — she walks W on St Mark’s, N side of street.
3:19PM: she enters Duke’s Leather Shop, 11 St Mark’s Pl.
3:28PM: she leaves Duke’s and enters Kristina Gorby’s, 7 St Mark’s Pl.
3:47PM: she leaves Kristina Gorby’s and goes down into IRT subway station, Astor place, downtown side.
3:49PM: she boards downtown local.
3:55PM: she gets off at Brooklyn Bridge.
3:59PM: she boards Utica Ave Train.
4:17PM: she gets off at Court St, Brooklyn, and walks W on Joralemon St, S on Hicks.
4:25PM: she enters apartment building, 272 Hicks St.

Oct 18
12:20PM, 10th St & 6th Ave, SE corner: Man in tan jacket — he walks S on 6th Ave.
12:23PM: he goes into Whelan’s Drug Store, 6th Ave & 8th St.
12:38PM: he leaves Whelan’s and walks E on 8th St, N side of street.
12:40PM: at McDougal St, he crosses to other side of 8th St and sits on ledge outside Paperback Booksmith’s, 30 W 8th St; he spends next few hours there, looking around and talking to passers-by.
4:28PM: he and woman in black cape walk E on 8th St, S side of street.
5:05PM: they turn S on Ave B, E side of street.
5:09PM: they turn E on 5th St, N side of street.
5:12PM: they enter apartment building, 725 E 5th St.

Oct 19
2:15PM, Broadway & 65th St, NE corner: Man in denim jacket — he walks E on 65th St.
2:17PM: he turns S on central Park W, W side of street.
2:21PM: he goes down into subway station, 60th St & Central Park W, and stands on downtown IRT platform.
2:27PM: he boards Broadway local downtown.
2:55PM: he gets off at Chambers St and walks N on Hudson St, W on Duane.
3:04PM: he enters building, 193 Duane St.

Oct 20
5:10PM, 6th Ave & 3rd St, NE corner: Man in black coat — he crosses 6th Ave and walks N, W side of street,
5:13PM: he turns W on W 4th St, S side of street.
5:17PM: he goes into International Supermarket, Sheridan Square.
5:38PM: he leaves International Supermarket, crosses 7th Ave, and walks W on Christopher St, S side of street.
5:42PM: he enters apartment building, 84 Christopher St.

Oct 21
3:12PM, 49th St & Broadway, NW corner: Woman in white dress — she walks N on Broadway, W side of street.
3:14PM: she goes down into IRT subway station, Broadway & 50th St, downtown side.
3:18PM: she boards Broadway local, downtown.
3:19PM: she gets off at 42nd St, Times Square.
3:22PM: she boards New Lots Ave Train.
3:57PM: she gets off at Grand Army Plaza, Brooklyn, and walks S on Prospect Park W, W side of street.
4PM: she turns W on Union St, N side of street.
4:03PM: she enters apartment building, 879 Union St.

Oct 22
3:20PM, 23rd St & 3rd Ave, NE corner: Man in brown suit — he walks west on 23rd St.
3:25PM: he goes down into IRT subway station, 23rd St & Park Ave S, downtown side.
3:30PM: he boards downtown local.
3:31PM: he gets off at 14th St.
3:35PM: he boards Utica Ave Train.
4:16PM: he gets off at Nevins St, Brooklyn.
4:22PM: he boards Flatbush Ave train.
4:42PM: he gets off at Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn, and walks S on Nostrand Ave.
4”45PM: he enters apartment building, 2019 Nostrand Ave.

Oct 23
2PM, Christopher St & Hudson, NE corner: Man in striped pants — he walks S on Hudson St, E side of street.
2:04PM: he enters L & L Locksmith’s, 442 Hudson St; he goes behind counter and spends next few hours there.
6:12PM: he leaves store, locks it, and enters adjacent building.

Oct 24
10:15AM, Grove St & Bleecker, NW corner: Woman in green coat — she walks SE on Bleecker, W side of street.
10:21AM: she enters Dry-cleaner’s on 6th Ave & Downing St.
10:45PM: when I look into Dry-cleaner’s, she is no longer there.

Oct 25
10:30AM, Christopher St & Hudson, SE corner: Man in blue jacket — he walks S on Hudson, W side of street.
10:34AM: he enters Golden Rule liquor store, 457 Hudson St.
10:40AM: he leaves Golden Rule, and walks N on Hudson, E side of street.
10:42AM: he turns E on Grove St, N side of street.
10:44AM: he turns S on Bedford St, E side of street, and enters first apartment building, 90 Bedford St.



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